News item no. 4278

2013-09-27 Megan Loftie-Eaton 
TGIFF – Thank Goodness It's Frog Friday with the Long-toed Tree Frog

Long-toed Tree Frog Dominic Rollinson

TGIFF!! Thank Goodness It's FROG FRIDAY!! The Long-toed Tree Frog Leptopelis xenodactylus is found in the southern KwaZulu-Natal highlands, but also marginally in adjacent parts of the Eastern Cape Province. The photo shown here is the only photographic record in the FrogMAP database, submitted by Dominic Rollinson and James Harvey.

This beautiful frog is a large tree frog, reaching 50 mm in snout–vent length. It has a uniformly green dorsum and a creamy white belly. The Long-toed Tree Frog occurs in the Grassland Biome, mainly in high altitude Moist Upland Grassland that receives annual summer rainfall of 650–1000 mm. It also inhabits Short Mistbelt Grassland and North-eastern Mountain Grassland.

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