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Atlas and Red Data Book of the Frogs of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. 2004. Edited by Minter L.R., Burger M., Harrison J.A., Braack H.H., Bishop P.J. & Kloepfer D. SI/MAB Series no. 9. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Published by the Smithsonian Institution and the Avian Demography Unit (now Animal Demography Unit)

Family Arthroleptidae

Family Bufonidae

  • Genus Bufo Laurenti, 1768 toads, true toads, skurwepaddas (A)
    • Bufo amatolicus Hewitt, 1925 Amatola Toad, Amatola Skurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo angusticeps Smith, 1848 Cape Sand Toad, Sand Toad, Yellow-footed Toad, Sandskurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo fenoulheti Hewitt and Methuen, 1913 Northern Pygmy Toad, Fenoulhet’s Toad, Pygmy Toad, Dwarf Toad, Noordelike Dwergskurwepadda (A), Platskurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo gariepensis A. Smith, 1848 Karoo Toad, Karoo Skurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo garmani Meek, 1897 Eastern Olive Toad, Olive Toad, Garman’s Toad, Olyfskurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo gutturalis Power, 1927 Guttural Toad, Gorrelskurwepadda (A), Gewone Skurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo maculatus Hallowell, 1854 Flat-backed Toad, Gestreepte Skurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo pantherinus A. Smith, 1828 Western Leopard Toad, August Frog, Leopard Toad, Westelike Luiperdskurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo pardalis Hewitt, 1935 Eastern Leopard Toad, Leopard Toad, Oostelike Luiperdskurwepadda (A), Gevlekte Luiperdskurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo poweri Hewitt, 1935 Western Olive Toad, Power’s Toad, Power se Skurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo rangeri Hewitt, 1935 Raucous Toad, Ranger’s Toad, Lawaaiskurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo robinsoni Branch and Braack, 1996 Paradise Toad, Paradys Skurwepadda (A)
    • Bufo vertebralis A. Smith, 1848 Southern Pygmy Toad, Pygmy Toad, Suidelike Dwergskurwepadda (A)
  • Genus Capensibufo Grandison, 1980 mountain toads, Cape toadlets, Cape toads, bergskurwepaddas (A)
    • Capensibufo rosei (Hewitt, 1926) Rose’s Mountain Toad, Rose’s Toadlet, Striped Mountain Toad, Cape Mountain Toad, Rose se Bergskurwepadda (A)
    • Capensibufo tradouwi (Hewitt, 1926) Tradouw Mountain Toad, Tradouw Toadlet, Tradouw’s Toad, Tradouw Bergskurwepadda (A)
  • Genus Schismaderma Smith, 1849 Schismaderma
    • Schismaderma carens (Smith, 1848) Red Toad, Red-backed Toad, African Split-skin Toad, Rooiskurwepadda (A)

Family Heleophrynidae

Family Hemisotidae

  • Genus Hemisus Günther, 1859 shovel-nosed frogs, pig-nosed frogs, snout-burrowers, graafneuspaddas (A)
    • Hemisus guineensis broadleyi Laurent, 1972 Guinea Shovel-nosed Frog, Guinea Snout-burrower, Guinease Graafneuspadda (A)
    • Hemisus guttatus Rapp, 1842 Spotted Shovel-nosed Frog, Spotted Snout-burrower, Gespikkelde Graafneuspadda (A)
    • Hemisus marmoratus Peters, 1854 Mottled Shovel-nosed Frog, Marbled Snout-burrower, Gemarmerde Graafneuspadda

Family Hyperoliidae

  • Genus Afrixalus Laurent, 1944 leaf-folding frogs, spiny reed frogs, blaarvouendepaddas (A)
    • Afrixalus aureus Pickersgill, 1984 Golden Leaf-folding Frog, Golden Spiny Reed Frog, Golden Dwarf Leaf-folding Frog, Goue Stekel-rietpaddatjie (A), Goue Blaarvouendepadda (A)
    • Afrixalus delicatus Pickersgill, 1984 Delicate Leaf-folding Frog, Delicate Spiny Reed Frog, Delikate Blaarvouendepadda (A)
    • Afrixalus fornasinii (Bianconi, 1849) Greater Leaf-folding Frog, Fornasini’s Spiny Reed Frog, Groot-blaarvouendepadda (A)
    • Afrixalus knysnae (Loveridge, 1954) Knysna Leaf-folding Frog, Knysna Spiny Reed Frog, Knysna Blaarvouendepadda (A)
    • Afrixalus spinifrons (Cope, 1862) Natal Leaf-Folding Frog, Natal Spiny Reed Frog, Spinose Dwarf Leaf-folding Frog, Natalse Blaarvouendepadda (A)
  • Genus Hyperolius Rapp, 1842 reed frogs, sedge frogs, rietpaddas (A)
    • Hyperolius acuticeps Ahl, 1931 Sharp-nosed Reed Frog, Long Reed Frog, Skerpneusrietpadda (A)
    • Hyperolius argus Peters, 1854 Argus Reed Frog, Argus Sedge Frog, Yellow Spotted Reed Frog, Golden Sedge Frog, Argusrietpadda (A)
    • Hyperolius horstockii (Schlegel, 1837) Arum Lily Frog, Arum Reed Frog, Horstock’s Reed Frog, Aronskelkrietpadda (A), Varkleliepadda (A)
    • Hyperolius marmoratus Rapp, 1842 Painted Reed Frog, Marbled Reed Frog, Geverfde Rietpadda (A), Gestreepte Rietpadda (A)
    • Hyperolius pickersgilli Raw, 1982 Pickersgill’s Reed Frog, Avoca Reed Frog, Pickersgill se Rietpadda (A)
    • Hyperolius pusillus (Cope, 1862) Water Lily Frog, Water Lily Reed Frog, Waterlelierietpadda (A)
    • Hyperolius semidiscus Hewitt, 1927 Yellow-striped Reed Frog, Geelstreep-rietpadda (A)
    • Hyperolius tuberilinguis Smith, 1849 Tinker Reed Frog, Green Reed Frog, Yellow-green Reed Frog, Groenrietpadda (A)
  • Genus Kassina Girard, 1853 kassinas, chikwarikwari (S), vleipaddas (A)
  • Genus Leptopelis Günther, 1859 tree frogs, forest treefrogs, boompaddas (A)
  • Genus Semnodactylus Hoffman, 1939 Semnodactylus
    • Semnodactylus wealii (Boulenger, 1882) Rattling Frog, Long-toed Running Frog, Weale’s Running Frog, Langtoon-vleipadda (A), Ratelpadda (A)

Family Microhylidae

  • Genus Breviceps Merrem, 1820
    • Breviceps acutirostris Poynton, 1963 Strawberry Rain Frog, Cape Short-headed Frog, Aarbei-blaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps adspersus Peters, 1882 Bushveld Rain Frog, Common Rain Frog, Senanatswi (P), Bosveld Reënpadda (A), Gewone Blaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps bagginsi Minter, 2003 Bilbo’s Rain Frog, Bilbo se Blaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps fuscus Hewitt, 1925 Plain Rain Frog, Black Rain Frog, Gewone Janblom (A)
    • Breviceps gibbosus (Linnaeus, 1758) Cape Rain Frog, Giant Rain Frog, Kaapse Reënpadda (A), Aartappelpadda (A), Kaapse Janblom (A)
    • Breviceps macrops Boulenger, 1907 Desert Rain Frog, Melkpadda (A), Woestyn-blaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps montanus Power, 1926 Cape Mountain Rain Frog, Mountain Rain Frog, Kaapse Bergblaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps mossambicus Peters, 1854 Mozambique Rain Frog, Mosambiek Blaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps namaquensis Power, 1926 Namaqua Rain Frog, Namakwa Blaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps rosei Power, 1926 Rose’s Rain Frog, Sand Rain Frog, Rose se Blaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps sopranus Minter, 2003 Whistling Rain Frog, Fluitende Blaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps sylvestris FitzSimons, 1930 Northern Forest Rain Frog, Transvaal Forest Rain Frog, Forest Rain Frog, Senana (P), Transvaal Woudblaasoppadda (A)
    • Breviceps verrucosus Rapp, 1842 Plaintive Rain Frog, Klaende Reënpadda (A), Klaende Blaasoppadda (A)
  • Genus Phrynomantis Peters, 1867 rubber frogs, rubberpaddas (A), gifpaddas (A), gomlastiekpaddas (A)

Family Petropeditidae

Family Pipidae

  • Genus Xenopus Wagler, 1827 platannas (A), clawed toads
    • Xenopus gilli Rose and Hewitt, 1927 Cape Platanna, Sago-belly Platanna, Sago-tummy, Gill’s Platanna, Cape Clawed Toad, Kaapse Platanna (A)
    • Xenopus laevis (Daudin, 1802) Common Platanna, African Clawed Toad, Gewone Platanna (A)
    • Xenopus muelleri (Peters, 1844) Müller’s Platanna, Tropical Platanna, Müller’s Clawed Toad, Müller se Platanna (A), Tropiese Platanna (A)

Family Ranidae

  • Genus Afrana Dubois, 1992 river frogs, rivierpaddas (A)
    • Afrana angolensis (Bocage, 1866) Common River Frog, Angola River Frog, Common Rana, Gewone Rivierpadda (A)
    • Afrana dracomontana (Channing, 1978) Drakensberg River Frog, Drakensberg Frog, Drakensbergse Rivierpadda (A)
    • Afrana fuscigula (Duméril and Bibron, 1841) Cape River Frog, Dusky-throated Frog, Kaapse Rivierpadda (A)
    • Afrana vandijki Visser and Channing, 1997 Van Dijk’s River Frog, Van Dijk se Rivierpadda (A)
  • Genus AmietiaDubois, 1987 “1986”
    • Amietia vertebralis (Hewitt, 1927) Aquatic River Frog, Water Rana, Umbraculate Frog, Grootbekrivierpadda (A)
  • Genus Hildebrandtia Nieden, 1907 ornate frogs, bontpaddas (A)
  • Genus Ptychadena Boulenger, 1918 grass frogs, ridged frogs, graspaddas (A)
    • Ptychadena anchietae (Bocage, 1867) Plain Grass Frog, Anchieta’s Ridged Frog, Rooirug-graspadda (A)
    • Ptychadena mascareniensis (Duméril and Bibron, 1841) Mascarene Grass Frog, Mascarene Ridged Frog, Mascarenese Graspadda (A)
    • Ptychadena mossambica (Peters, 1854) Broad-banded Grass Frog, Mozambique Ridged Frog, Breëband-graspadda (A)
    • Ptychadena oxyrhynchus (Smith, 1849) Sharp-nosed Grass Frog, Sharp-nosed Ridged Frog, Gevlekte Graspadda (A), Spitsbekgraspadda (A)
    • Ptychadena porosissima (Steindachner, 1867) Striped Grass Frog, Grassland Ridged Frog, Gestreepte Graspadda (A)
    • Ptychadena taenioscelis Laurent, 1954 Dwarf Grass Frog, Spotted-throated Ridged Frog, Kleingraspadda (A)
    • Ptychadena uzungwensis (Loveridge, 1932) Udzungwa Grass Frog, Udzungwa Ridged Frog, Udzungwa Graspadda (A)
  • Genus Pyxicephalus Tschudi, 1838 bullfrogs, brulpaddas (A)
    • Pyxicephalus adspersus Tschudi, 1838 Giant Bullfrog, Highveld Bullfrog, Giant Pyxi, Grootbrulpadda (A), Letlametlu (P, Sh), Marokolo (S), Lentsoeta (S)
    • Pyxicephalus edulis Peters, 1854 Edible Bullfrog, Lesser Bullfrog, African Bullfrog, Kleinbrulpadda (A)
  • Genus Strongylopus Tschudi, 1838 stream frogs, langtoonpaddas (A)
    • Strongylopus bonaespei (Dubois, 1980) Banded Stream Frog, Cape Stream Frog, Mountain Frog, Long-toed Frog, Gebande Langtoonpadda (A)
    • Strongylopus fasciatus (Smith, 1849) Striped Stream Frog, Gestreepte Langtoonpadda (A)
    • Strongylopus grayii (Smith, 1849) Clicking Stream Frog, Gray’s Stream Frog, Spotted Stream Frog, Klik-langtoonpadda (A)
    • Strongylopus hymenopus (Boulenger, 1920) Berg Stream Frog, Drakensberg Stream Frog, Drakensbergse Langtoonpadda (A)
    • Strongylopus springbokensis Channing, 1986 Namaqua Stream Frog, Springbok Frog, Namakwa Langtoonpadda (A)
    • Strongylopus wageri (Wager, 1961) Plain Stream Frog, Wager’s Stream Frog, Wager se Langtoonpadda (A)
  • Genus Tomopterna Duméril and Bibron, 1841 sand frogs, pyxies, sandpaddas (A)
    • Tomopterna cryptotis (Boulenger, 1907) Tremolo Sand Frog, Cryptic Sand Frog, Striped Pyxie, Trillersandpadda (A)
    • Tomopterna delalandii (Tschudi, 1838) Cape Sand Frog, Delalande’s Sand Frog, Striped Pyxie, Gestreepte Sandpadda (A)
    • Tomopterna krugerensis Passmore and Carruthers, 1975 Knocking Sand Frog, Sandveld Pyxie, Sandveld Sandpadda (A)
    • Tomopterna marmorata (Peters, 1854) Russet-backed Sand Frog, Marbled Sand Frog, Marmorate Pyxie, Mozambique Dwarf Bullfrog, Rooirug-sandpadda (A)
    • Tomopterna natalensis (Smith, 1849) Natal Sand Frog, Natal Pyxie, Natalse Sandpadda (A)
    • Tomopterna tandyi Channing and Bogart, 1996 Tandy’s Sand Frog, Tandy se Sandpadda (A)

Family Rhacophoridae

  • Genus Chiromantis Peters, 1854 foam nest frogs, skuimnespaddas (A)
    • Chiromantis xerampelina Peters, 1854 Southern Foam Nest Frog, Foam Nest Frog, Gray Tree Frog, Groot Grys Skuimnespadda (A), Suider Skuimnespadda (A)