Species identification

The identifications of all records submitted to FrogMAP get confirmed by an expert panel. Sometimes they get a bit overwhelmed by the success of the project. We welcome the pressure that this is putting on the volunteers who make up the FrogMAP expert panel, and they are trying hard to do the identifications as fast as they possibly can.

The submission rate to the FrogMAP Virtual Museum has grown to around 120 records per month, and we are wanting this to grow still further. Once the records are in the database they are safe, and we encourage everyone to upload their records as soon after they are made as possible. The turnaround time for most records is now a couple of weeks.

As the project grows, we need to expand the ID panel, and if you feel that you have the skills to be able to help, please contact Megan Loftie-Eaton, project coordinator. We are continuously looking for ways to make the uploading and processing of records into the Virtual Museum more efficient. The problems associated with growth are the best possible problems to have, and we are committed to solving them.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for making your photos count for conservation! You are all ambassadors for biodiversity!


Underhill Carynn; Gareth Nortje
Strongylopus grayii
Clicking Stream Frog (Pyxicephalidae)